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Week 3 - Hamilton

I realized that I titled a post "The Dream Day" way way way too early in this trip. Honestly, all of the days feel like a dream day, but today was especially special because I finally saw my dream show, Hamilton. 

I went on a run this morning and I listened to The Hamilton Mixtape and I just kept thinking about how close many of these songs are to my heart. I also got to the theatre super early, and I just sat in my seat reflecting on how this musical has influenced me over the last three years. I've listened to "My Shot", "Wait for It", and "Take a Break" many times on my way to class and they have given me motivation when I was lacking. "Dear Theodosia" and "It's Quiet Uptown" are songs I play frequently on the piano; I find them both to be comforting and encouraging songs. I've ice skated to "Burn" . . . this list of memories just goes on and on. I was emotional before this show even started and it wa…

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